• Introduction


    When Jesus came he was not recognized as the Messiah by many because they expected the Messiah to come and set all things right.  While Jesus will one day come back to do this God’s plan was so much better.  God has chosen to bring about his perfect will by and through each of us.  God’s love and trust for us is powerfully demonstrated in this beautiful act of trust.  Here at Saint James we have many ways in which a person can be stewards of this trust.  We have ministries both inside and outside the church, both physical and intellectual in nature, and designed to meet any number of gifts and interests.  Please look through this section and get a sense for some of the ministries that we have to offer.  If any of these seem interesting to you please feel free to contact the leader of that ministry for more details.

  • Acolytes


    Acolytes are an important and blessed part of our worship services. From the Crucifer to the Torch Bearers, the service of Acolytes is a blessing to the Lord and a blessing to the congregation.  Contact:  Becky McKee at becky@shawnmckee.com.

  • Altar Guild

    Altar Guild

    The basic duties of the Altar Guild include preparing the altar for any services in either the Church or the Ministry Center, including care and cleaning of linens, hangings, brass and silver vessels and candleholders. Contact:  Peggy Spell at 795-4795 or margaretspell@comcast.net.

  • Choir

    ChoirOur adult choir is a faith-filled and worshipful group consisting of 15-20 people.  We sing songs of the faith, hymns, and both classical and contemporary anthems on Sunday mornings and other times of the year.  We  practice every Thursday 7-9pm in the Ministry Center and sometimes more than that for special feast days.  Preparing music for worship is a joy to us.  We support one another as a small-group:  this is one of the few places where musicians can gather together over a common love and share our lives and faith.  Rehearsals are light-hearted, fun and our songs truly are an opportunity to worship.  If you would like to learn more about the Choir or have any questions please email Lweld@saint-james.org.

  • Coffee Team

    Coffee TeamSunday mornings, 8:30 am - Noon:  making coffee, setting out bagels, cleaning up, meeting and talking to lots of wonderful people.  Contact:  Pat Majors at 343-4970 or pmajors@bellsouth.net.

  • Flower Guild

    Flower Guild

    The Flower Guild prepares either the greenery or flowers for the Church and/or Ministry Center.  They also decorate for Advent, Christmas, Palm Sunday and Easter. Contact:  Dale White at dalewhite711@gmail.com

  • Projection Team

    Projection Team

    Manages the projection equipment, computers and DVD-player, providing visual support for worship services, classes and televisions throughout the Ministry Center.  Contact:  Bill Read at wsdr@ccgnet.com.

  • Welcome Team

    Welcome Team

    The Welcome Teams greet and welcome people before and after the 10:30 service, show the way to the nursery, coffee fellowship and prayer ministries, and various responsibilities during the service.  Contact: (for the Church) Sue and Gene Morrison at 762-6993 or suemorrison@comcast.net or (for the Ministry Center) Judy West  jcw1022@knology.net.


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