What is it?

The teams set up the altar and the credence table for Holy Communion. They also put the appropriate hangings are on the altar, fill all the candles, and the proper elements are prepared. After the service, the teams take down the altar and wash all the vessels and put them away.

How are teams formed?

Currently, the Altar Guild is composed of 3 teams with 4 women who set up the altar for all services held in the Church or Ministry Center. There are 7 women who iron the linens used for all the services.


When and how do people serve?

There are 2 services in the Church and 2 services in the Ministry Center each Sunday. We are responsible for setting up for all weddings and baptisms, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

A schedule is put out quarterly.  A new team member will work one on one with a team member until they are comfortable setting up and taking down.

The altar may be set up on Friday or Saturday in advance of Sunday.