What is it?

Benjamin’s Way is a recovery ministry that operates the Lilly House as a long-term program for recovering addicts in Leesville.

The Garrett House a Halfway House in North Charleston to serve men who are committed to the journey to be free from the bondage of alcohol and drugs and find their purpose in the Lord!

In each house a community of men exist that lift each other up and are led to walk a path towards Jesus in sobriety, and wholeness.

Why do we help?

We believe The Holy Spirit is calling Saint James to connect more deeply with this ministry that is led by Jack Henley of Saint James.

How to we help?

Offer rides

Take one or more men out for an activity

Bring a time of worship and teaching,

Plan a cookout or bring a meal for the house

Hire out for odd jobs or

Assist in securing employment

Give money

Who to contact?

Jack Henley, jhenley@risingwinds.org