Sunday Mornings

8:00 AM Holy Communion Rite I

Contemplative, traditional Rite I Holy Communion with no music.  A strong sense of community in this smaller service, but very welcoming to visitors.

Please note guidelines below for attending this service in person.

In the Church.

9:00 AM Flip Flops ✠ Faith Family Service

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Family Worship: short, interactive, casual. Parents learn ways to engage their children’s faith and be the spiritual leaders of their household. Kid-friendly worship: instead of the battle to keep the kids quiet, Flip Flops is kids fully involved in a church service.  “No cry is too loud!”  Ages 0 -100 welcomed. 

10:30 AM Blended Service With Choir

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Offers the most beautiful traditions of ‘liturgical worship’: ancient hymns with organ and choir along with contemporary offerings, vestments, architecture from our rich Anglican heritage. 

Please note guidelines below for attending this service in person.

Currently held in the Ministry Center.



Guidelines for Resuming Indoor Public Worship


-Communion in one kind (bread only), received in the hand

-Masks required inside buildings.  Those leading worship (celebrant, lay readers, musicians and singers) may remove their masks to exercise their specific roles if  adequate distance from parishioners makes this safe.

-Minimum 6 foot distance between family units and individuals for seating and receiving communion.

-Sick Parishioners must stay at home.

-No separate Children’s Church or Nursery

-No coffee hour or other group fellowship or classes

-No physical contact (handshakes, hugs, etc.)

-No passing of the offering plate.

-If more than one service on a day, must have a method for sanitizing between services.

-Require social distancing when dismissing the congregation.