Sunday Mornings

8:00 AM Holy Communion Rite I

Our early service is contemplative traditional service with no music that always celebrates Rite I Holy Communion. There is a strong sense of community in this smaller service as deep relationships have formed over the years. It is a very welcoming congregation to visitors.

9:00 AM Flip Flops ✠ Faith

Flip Flops ✠ Faith is a short, interactive, casual service that is meant for young families to attend together. The idea behind this service is that children will see that they don’t have to ‘grow up’ before they can have a relationship with Jesus. This is also a service that helps parents to learn ways to engage their children’s faith and be the spiritual leaders of their household. Flip Flops ✠ Faith turns church going from the battle to keep the kids quiet to the joy of watching the kids love being fully involved in a church service. If you have a young family and have never come to Flip Flops ✠ Faith you are missing out on one of the great treasures of James Island.

10:30 AM Traditional Service With Choir

The Traditional service is held in the Church building. It seeks to offer the most beautiful things of ‘liturgical’ worship: from ancient hymns to beautiful vestments and architecture. Like the 8:00 am service it is clear that there is a rich heritage supporting this worship; but unlike the 8:00am service the language is all contemporary English. Holy Communion is celebrated on the first and 3rd Sundays of the month and Morning Prayer is said on the 2nd and 4th Sundays. The focus is always on the majesty of God, to help the worshiper to enter God’s throne room. The service has a very warm feeling of community and it is not uncommon for members to remain to visit together long after the service is over.

10:30 AM Contemporary Service

Our nontraditional service meets in the Ministry Center and seeks actively to give room for the presence and work of the Holy Spirit.  There are regular words of prophecy given from the congregation and opportunities to receive prayers for healing throughout the service.  This all combines with excellent praise music to make this service an exciting, upbeat, vibrant service for a more charismatic worshiper.  The service also seeks to be accessible to visitors who may be unfamiliar with traditional church language and liturgy.