Men’s Hike Fall 2018

October 25th – 28th

Please join the Men of Saint James for a 4-day camping trip in Pisgah National Forest. This will be the third Men’s Hike for Men of Saint James. We will hike into Pisgah the afternoon of Thursday, Oct 25th, and set up a base camp. From there we will take day-hikes on Friday and Saturday, including a trip to one of the scenic highlights of Pisgah.

Contact Jay Millen, 786-281-4302

Men’s Hike Info

  • Group Size 12 – 24 men
  • Ages 17 – ??
  • Location will be Pisgah National Forest, trail locations TBD
  • Base Camp Hike, Fitness Expectation
    • Hike in and out (2 – 3 miles) with full packs (30 – 40lbs)
    • 2 longer day-hikes with smaller day-packs (4 – 7 miles)
  • Overall 1,000′ – 1,500′ elevation change
  • Cost $40 includes 3 dinners, funds available
  • You will be responsible for bringing your own breakfasts and lunches
  • We have equipment available if you do not have your own

Schedule of Meetings*

* All meetings are at noon in the Parlor

  • Aug 26th – Hike Leadership Team
  • Sep 2nd – Informational Meeting
  • Sep 16nd – 1st Full Hike Team Meeting
  • Sep 30th – 2nd Full Hike Team Meeting
  • Oct 21 – Final Team Meeting
  • Thurs, Oct 25th – Hike Departure, 6AM from Ministry Center Parking Lot
  • Sun, Oct 28th – Hike Return, 6PM to Ministry Center Parking Lot