Pancakes and Prayer

In January of this year we transitioned from our traditional Sunday School class in the Ministry Center to our new Pancakes and Prayers in the Teen Center.   Part of the motivation for this change was a larger venue because we were blessed with more children than we could comfortably fit in our previous Sunday School room.   However the main motivation for this change was our vision to support and bless parents with some time for themselves on Sunday mornings. We felt called to provide an opportunity for parents to come to our Flip Flop Service, then drop off their children afterwards at our Pancakes and Prayers while the parents could enjoy time together at brunch, walking on the beach, and investing/ministering to each other.   We know how important it is for parents with young children to make time for each other, and our prayer is that this new offering will provide that opportunity. We have expanded the traditional Sunday School class to now include a pancake breakfast, games and fun activities, and a fun Bible lesson followed by a group prayer circle. We open every Sunday at 10am and end at Noon. Families attending the 10:30 services are also welcome to drop off their children before the service and pick them up either before communion or after the service.  It has been a blessing for us to see how much the children enjoy this new class and how they don’t want to leave when it ends each week! Please join us and tell your friends and neighbors to try our Flip Flop service followed by Pancakes and Prayers on Sunday mornings.