Welcome to Saint James Student Ministry!

The transition from elementary years to middle and  high school years is critical to a students spiritual growth. God desires the hearts of our students to be focused on Him throughout these transitional and sometime turbulent years. Our goal is to partner with parents in shepherding the students through these formative years. We want the students to know a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and though that relationship to develop a heart for serving others.
Middle School & High School Students we would love you to join us each week as we study the Bible, build friendships and community, worship, serve, play some awesome games, and hang out in Small Groups. There’s a place for everyone and we hope to see you soon!

Junior Youth Group

4th & 5th grades
Friday Nights

4-6 pm

Teen Center

Fun, Fellowship and Food
To register your student please email: ccave@saint-james.org

Middle School – Friday Night Lights

6:00 – 8:00 pm
Food, Fellowship and Fun


Foundational Faith

Who is who in the Bible

The best Bible stories you never heard

Who said it and why does it matter

Fun Fellowship

Group challenges

Team building games

Silly mixers

Bring a friend!

Fundamental Families

Events for the whole family

Open communication about all things happening in Student Ministry.

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Student Center
Food, Fellowship and Fun

Dive into Relationship with God

More than just Bible trivia, we strive to understand God’s Word

Intentional prayer and worship

Deepening your relationship with God and the Holy Spirit.

Unpack life together

Learn how to respond to life’s issues in a way that honors God

A safe place to be vulnerable, “If you really knew me”

Experiencing God’s love through one another

Bring a friend!

Explore Faith in Your Family

Events for the whole family

Open communication about what is happening in Youth Group

Topics to take home


Meets Wednesday 

7:15- 8:45 pm

Cyndee’s Office


Meets weekly

6-8 pm

Contact Cyndee Cave for details.

Young Adults

Monday Nights

Meets biweekly in Cyndee Cave’s office
Food, Fellowship, and D-group study

Contact Cyndee Cave for schedule and more information