At Saint James Anglican Church we invite you men to join us as we reclaim Biblical Manhood and have a fellowship of Christian Brothers who stand together in our walk and challenges in today’s society. The current cultural view of manhood is typically a performance-based identity centered on career, acquisition and recreation which increasingly leaves men lonely and isolated. The culture tells you your worth or success is only as provider. The Truth is God’s desire for men is that we share our lives in friendships, brotherhood, and families and men are the protectors and teachers of our families.  The Men of Saint James have events and ministry efforts to support one another, our church families, and our wider community to include:

  • Men’s Hike Ministry
  • Men’s Life Groups
  • Quarterly Service Days and Projects
  • Support of James Island Outreach
  • Partnership with Boy Scout Troop 44

Current Men’s Ministry Groups and Meetings:

Upcoming Men’s Events

  • Men’s Summit: October 31, 2020