Prayer Ministry

Children’s Prayer Team

This team invites anyone with a heart to pray to join as we pray for children by name each week. Just being willing to pray over the children. An updated list comes out each year with children divided in by the seven days of the week so each day you only pray for a portion of the group. We ask folks to pray for a year and then as we update the list each year, you can drop off or re-commit. For more information contact

Sunday Worship Intercessors

This is a group who meet before church on to pray specifically for the worship services and invites anyone who has a heart to pray for the people and pastors of Saint James. Each Sunday at 10am the team meets in the small room right beside the Welcome desk in the Ministry Center No sign up is required! If you have questions, contact

Ministry Center Prayer Team

This team pairs up and prays for people who have personal needs during Communion in the Ministry Center. We invite teenagers and adults, who have a heart for praying for others. Since it a very confidential ministry, training is required. We ask that each person serves one Sunday a month and also helps out when someone can’t make their Sunday. For more information, contact